Cranial Adjusting

Analyzing and adjusting the plates of the skull has proven useful in health conditions many don’t relate to chiropractic. Click here for a This technique has been getting amazing results with headaches and chronic health conditions.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Utilizing manual, instruments and drop table techniques we are able to serve a variety of conditions successfully.


We recommend a basic nutrition program for those who know they need help but haven’t got a clue where to start. After your computerized analysis and x-rays the doctor may recommend products to help you get longer lasting results.


Using neurorehabilitative exercises to correct poor spinal function and improving posture has proven beneficial for patients that want to help contribute to their care at home. A core exercise program is also taught for people who can’t find time for the gym but want to improve their spinal health.

Stress Management

Since Dr. Hendrickson has found many of patients health problems have resulted from being overstressed he teaches a stress program monthly to help you have the tools to recognize when you are overstressed and how you can reduce your stress with simple steps.