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Tacoma chiropractor helps client with chronic headaches, migraines

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Have you been dealing with a sore neck or back, but don’t know
what to do?
Do you suffer from headaches?
Do you have difficulty standing for long periods of time?
Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?
Does pain limit the amount of exercise you want to do?
Are allergies getting to you?
Help is just a phone call away! 253-472-4400

The power that made the body
heals the body

The team at Discover Life Chiropractic is dedicated to making your Tacoma chiropractic experience the best possible.  From your initial phone call to your first adjustment we will make the experience as smooth as possible. Your questions such as; Where is my problem, How chiropractic can help, and How long will it take, will be answered during your time at our office.  Then during your care at Discover Life Chiropractic you will learn how to stop recreating the lifestyle that created your health problems which will lead you to better results. So call today and find out if we can help.
My promise to you is if we can help you we’ll do our best and if we can’t I’ll refer you to someone who can help you.
Dr. David Hendrickson, Tacoma Chiropractor

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